Being one of the world’s biggest oil producer with an outdated oil refining system, oil pollution has always been a major problem in Iraq. Furthermore, with the recent regional conflicts oil facilities have turned in to a major environmental risk. Refineries, tanks, pipelines, and oil fields have been subjected to sabotage, thefts and bombings all resulting in oil spills and pollution.

In 2014 we signed our first contract with North Oil Company under Iraq’s Investment Law which was updated and extended in 2019. It covers oil recovery, soil remediation and water treatment. Making us the exclusive contractor for all types of oil waste and hydrocarbon remediation with North Oil Company with a geographical operation area spanning the following governorates: Kirkuk, Nineveh, Erbil, Baghdad, Diyala, and part of Hilla and Kut with the option to exclusively operate in the rest of the country. North Oil Company is estimating the amount of oil waste that needs to be processed to 1-10 million tonnes.