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Inventing The Best Waste Solutions For A Better World

We provide project management, process design and turnkey solutions for petroleum-derived waste and industrial wastewater using high-speed separation and bioremediation.

Tackling local problems with global knowledge

Petroleum Waste

Solutions to treat petroleum waste generated from production, and refining; spills, sloppy oil, and residues,  focusing on maximizing oil recovery as well as tank & pipeline cleaning.

Industrial Wastewater

Customized processes to tackle industrial wastewater from industries such as refining and petrochemical, pulp and paper, textile mills and mines and quarries.

Olives colourful in the press for production olive oil.

Food Processing Waste

Recovery and treatment of high nutrient content wastewater from edible oil industry using eco-friendly detoxification and high speed seperation turning waste into resources. 

Our goals

Our not-so-secret plan: Turning waste into profit

We aim to build processes for our clients that not only treat hazardous waste but also recycle and reuse it. By climbing the waste hierarchy we help our clients earn money while becoming more sustainable.

Advancing products, processes and solutions

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There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, therefore we invest heavily in R&D. With ranging expertise in separation technology and bioremediation combined with our ability to test and analyze each process prior to implementation we are able to provide a customized offering on short notice for project management, process design and turnkey solutions.

High Speed Seperation​

Custom high-speed separation solutions (decanters and centrifuges) focusing on reliability and performance for demanding duties in various industries for wastewater reduction as well as product recovery. ​


In situ bioremediation technologies for the treatment of water, soil and subsurface material using our in-house developed microorganism to treat polluted sits in a non-destructive and cost-effective manner.


Current projects

We don’t shy away from taking on projects in challenging sites working closely with private and public stakeholders. Companies partnering with GSO Sweden take advantage of some of the most experienced professionals in the industry when it comes to separation technology and bioremediation for petroleum waste, industrial wastewater and food processing waste
Petroleum waste

Turnkey delivery and on-site training for a 500+ mt/d petroleum waste treatment plant in Kirkuk Iraq.

Industrial Waste wateer

Process design for treating caustic streams from olefin plants for a major petrochemical producer in the Middle East.

Soil Testing. Agronomy Inspector Taking Soil Sample

In situ bioremediations for polluted soil in Northern Iraq, converting waste into organic fertilizer.