Petroleum waste

We provide solutions meeting EU regulations, dealing with the waste generated by the upstream and downstream activities of the oil industry. Including all forms of production, storage, and refining wastes such as; oil spills, sloppy oil from separation processes, refining residue, tank bottom sediments, pipeline leakage, and waste and sludge resulted from pipeline cleaning. 

Advanced Oil Recovery

Our slop oil treatment system that converts a wide range of slop oils into valuable products. Through biochemical and thermo-mechanical separation technologies that maximize the recovery of oil, treatment of water, and solids for further remediation. Providing environmentally friendly technology as an alternative to waste accumulation, landfilling or incineration. The system is supported by a certified operational team and access to analysis and lab facilities to ensure and adhere to governmental and customer requirements for the quality of the recovered oil and management of the waste. 

Tank & Pipeline cleaning

Conventional mechanical methods to clean oil sediments in pipelines and storage tanks are usually harmful to the environment and humans. Our thermo-chemical proven solutions separate hydrocarbons from solids while transferring them into liquid phase without external heating. By-products of the process are environmentally friendly with no discharge to the environment or change in oil characteristics. The reaction does not produce any hazardous gases and the inert atmosphere in the storage tanks will be neutral. The process recovers oil out of the sludge sediments, which can be pumped again into the production lines. The process reduces the cleaning time to three days with no direct human interaction involved.