Hydrocarbon Remediation

Contamination of soil environment by hydrocarbons is extremely prevalent in the Middle East and is posing a serious risk to humans and all living organisms in the region due to its carcinogens and neurotoxic properties.

Hydrocarbon Remediation

We perform on-site remediation of soil, fresh and seawater contaminated with all types of hydrocarbons. By using in situ remediation technologies we help stakeholders to deal with contaminated soils and spills in cost-efficient and simple manner.
Our bioremediation solution attacks hydrocarbons and converts them into humus thereby eliminating the need for expensive excavation, relocation, and disposal of the waste elements. Once the process of conversion is complete, the hydrocarbon waste is converted into organic fertilizer, rich in nutrients and minerals that are available for new plant growth and animal life.

Our bioremediation solution is utilised in the following fields:

  • Pit Closures

  • Pipeline & Flow Line Leaks

  • Well Head & Tank Farm Leaks In Situ Soil Remediation

  • Tank Cleaning

  • Compressor Stations

  • Surface Hydrocarbon Spills

  • Drill Cuttings

  • Tank Degassing

  • Sewage Odor Control and Effluent Odor Control